Sunday, February 19, 2012

Styrofoam Wall Art

I like to do crafts but I have to admit...I am REALLY bad at them. If it isn't something really easy, mine usually doesn't turn out good--at all. LOL So you know if I am posting a crafty idea on here, it is something super simple that anybody can do!!!  My Mom called me the other day and scheduled a craft day for us to do this Styrofoam Wall Art project and I thought I should probably share it with all of you! It's super easy and the decor options are endless.

Wall art can be really expensive but it doesn't have to be! Styrofoam is available in all shapes and sizes, enabling you to create a masterpiece on ANY wall. For the project I am getting ready to show you, we used the large pieces of scrapbooking cardstock but you can also use fabric as an alternative!

What you Need:

Styrofoam (We used 10x10 squares)
Large Scrapbooking Cardstock OR Fabric pieces
Spray Adhesive Glue
Craft Glue
Wall Hangers


Step 1. Spray the adhesive glue on one piece of styrofoam then position the fabric or cardstock over the top of it. Trim off the extra edges of cardstock or fabric.

Step 2: Use craft glue to place ribbon around the entire edge of your styrofoam piece. It's easiest if you use a push pin to start and then remove it later on after it is all dry.

Step 3: Place any type of wall hanger on the back of your wall art so you can hang it! We put a little craft glue on the nails before we attached them to help secure it a little better. When you hang these on your wall, you are going to want to use the very small nails. These are so lighweight, I would even guess you could use a strong, double sided tape or just about anything else to secure these to the walls.

All done! Can you believe that?! So easy!!!

My daughter has a pink/black theme in her room so I made wall art to go in her bedroom! I love the way it came out and can't wait to hang them up in her room! They are going to look soooo cute!!

My neice has her room done in pink and brown so my Mom made her some wall art for a birthday gift in coordinating colors!

My sister made her wall art to match her living room decor. She opted not to put hangers on the back and plans to use them as decor in a large bookcase that she has.

So easy and seriously, you can do so much with this project. You can buy different shapes and sizes of the styrofoam and make a whole wall collage and you can seriously do any design imagineable if you use the cardstock! My older 2 boys have a sports themed bedroom so I think I am going to make them some of these next! So excited that such a cute idea can be SO easy! I hope you all decide to try this one out!!!!


  1. We really used 11 X 11X1 squares because I couldn't find 12x12 which is how big a sheet of scrapbook paper is.Then you wouldn't have to trim. It was pretty easy and fun. I think you could even have pics blown up to this size and put them on and if you didn't want to glue ribbon, you could paint the edges ahead of time.

  2. WHat a cute idea! So creative and seems easy enough to do!

  3. Love this idea!!

  4. I love this idea! I definitely need to change my son's decor now :O)


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