Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zebra Wall Art

Shhhh. It's a secret.

Our princess is turning 9 in a few months and we are working SO hard on giving her a HUGE surprise for her birthday! She loves everything zebra and hot pink and I think since she is getting bigger, it's time for us to give her a bedroom makeover. I have been searching the internet like a madwoman, finding anything and everything I can in this print and I am soooo excited to share this Etsy site with you! I really wanted some letters to spell out Emma's name as a part of her zebra room decor and I found this cool shop called Crafty Shat: Unique Obsessions and they make these personalized letters for just $5 each! These 2 ladies are SUPER nice to work with and have outstanding customer service! I even received an email from them while one of the ladies was in LABOR, ensuring me that my order would be filled promptly after their new, sweet baby was born! Thank you SO much Amber and Shari for your top notch customer service!! You all HAVE to check out their shop and if you are in the market for some super cool, personalized wall art, look no further!!! I have seen these letters go for up to $20/each so you are going to receive an AWESOME value for your money!

Check out the amazing work they did for us! Emma is going to FREAK when she sees her new room in a few months....I just have to keep it all a secret until then!  I have been hiding everything in my husband's closet so hopefully she doesn't find any of it! I will post everything else as we get it so if you are looking for new ideas, you can check out where we are finding everything!!!  To be honest, we have so much stuff coming from different places that I don't even remember anymore what's coming! HAHA!


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