Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ants, Spiders, Asian Beetles, Oh My!

I want to apologize for my lack of posting here in the past week!  Life sure has way of getting super hectic and I sometimes find myself wishing there were more hours in the day! Our son started Spring soccer which means at least 2 evenings a week we have to drive to town for his 1 1/2 hour practices. Games have now started too so we also have 1-2 games per week. On top of that, baseball is right around the corner and I have been working on getting the kids all signed up and prepared for that AND we just had a birthday in the house which had me super busy. If that isn't all enough, we are still working on figuring out what to do about a house. We are really ready to move from the country back into town but nothing is happening as fast as I would like it to of course. Not that I have time to move or anything right now but I think I could make the time if we could find the house of our dreams back in town. I am so tired of the cornfields, well water and the bugs. Especially the bugs. 

Living in the country has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I didn't know existed. I see species of bugs out here that I have never seen before! *LOL* And since we had a super easy winter, the bugs did not die off like the normally do so I am seeing even more creepy crawlers than usual. First of all, I absolutely despise those pesky Asian Beetles.  They look like ladybugs but ladybugs they are NOT! They are stinky, they fly around my house and they even bite!!  And they didn't come alone, oh no! I spend my days sweeping them off of my ceiling and out of the windows with the hose to my vacuum. The kids won't sleep in their bedrooms if there are any of them creeping around so I have now made it a part of our nightly ritual, sweeping   bugs off the ceiling. HA! And don't even get me started on the spiders. Ewwwwwww. I hate spiders SO much! Seriously, they are so creepy and I want nothing to do with them and yet I keep finding them all over the place. The other day we were walking into the house and I felt something fly down the front of my shirt. I grabbed it with my shirt and was so afraid to look and see what it was and I wish I hadn't looked. It was some creepy green bug that I had never seen before. I think my husband might have liked laughing at me just a little too much while I jumped up and down, freaking out!!!!   Yep. The country just wasn't meant for a girl like me!!! 

On a plus note, my parents are moving back here to where we live which makes me super excited! And no, not just for the free babysitting. It will be nice having them just right down the road again. My sisters and I have been hard at work helping them get their new home in order so I guess that's another reason I have been MIA! Today we helped clean the house top to bottom and I shampooed their carpets for them. The only thing I don't like is that my Mom likes to clean everything with bleach and I am NOT a fan. It is way too harsh for me and my eyes were burning like crazy. But I am so happy they found  a place so quickly! FYI, in case you are looking to buy a new home or refinance one you already own, you can save money with an FHA refinance.  Rates are at an all time low so this is the perfect time to take advantage, especially without all of the long paperwork. 

And can you believe that our kids don't get a Spring Break so I have absolutely no time off to look forward to in the near future. Ahhhhh. On a plus note, we have a couple fun features coming up including The Ultimate Baby Shower and Gearing up for Summer so stay tuned! I will be back to normal shortly, even if it means I have to become a night owl blogger!!!


  1. This post struck me so funny. :) I always felt the same way about bugs that you do. Then, I moved to FL. Lord, I could tell you stories! LOL Now that we're back up here, I barely even consider what we have bugs. I guess that's a good thing. :0) My dream is to GET out TO the country. Different strokes, I guess... Yay on your parents moving closer! Happy birthday to your son. And, I hope you have lots of energy to get all you need to accomplished!


  2. hey love..planting pennyroyal and mints by your door will help, the oils are also good and nontoxic to use in the house for bug critter control!!


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