Friday, March 2, 2012

Hanging Pictures

I love decorating my home but I have to say....I didn't inherit the creative gene that the rest of my family has.  If I want to give my house a makeover, I usually have to call my Mom, even if it's something as simple as hanging pictures!!!  Thankfully she enjoys decorating and doesn't mind coming over and helping me out whenever I need her. Most recently I received a beautiful canvas portrait of my children and I wanted to hang it in my living room but I had NO clue where to put it or what to do with it. It seriously took my Mom 5 minutes and she had it up and ready to go. Seeing as how she is also a good cook (And I am soooo not!) I am starting to think the joke about me being adopted might actually be true! HAHA!

So next on the decorating list is going to be my daughter's room. We are going with a zebra theme (I am sure you have seen some of my other posts about it) and I am amazed at all of the cool stuff I have found! This week I scored a  zebra topped ottoman, under the bed storage container and a shoe rack! Last week I found a clothes hamper and some wall art. Her birthday isn't until May but I am pretty much completely finished with her big room makeover surprise. My mother in law and her sister made Emma a beautiful quilt with all kinds of matching pillows to match the zebra decor and she is going to go crazy when she sees it all on her birthday...I guess that means I am going to have to call my Mom to make sure she is here to help me when the time comes for that too. LOL I know for sure I am going to need her help with the wall hangings anyway. This seems to be where I go wrong. I have a really good eye for awesome deals and fashionable decor........I just don't know what to do with it once I have it. My mom is good at helping me put it all together though so I guess we make a good team! I have some cool letters that spell out my daughters name along with an awesome zebra themed hairbow board and some super cool pictures and I know they are going to make great additions to her room.

What do you struggle with most when redecorating?

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