Monday, March 26, 2012

Helping Hands

Guest Post written by Shelly Garcia

There are times in this life when you just need a hug, a friend, or a shoulder to cry on. You need someone to tell you they love you, they are thinking about you, they care about you. Maybe just to hear "hey, everything will be okay." I have been that "shoulder" or that "ear" many times. It feels good to be able to help someone out or give the guidance. It makes me feel good about myself. Makes me feel like I have a purpose. I, also, have been through times in my life where all  needed was that hug. I just needed a friend. Some of the people that have helped me out along the way deserve nothing but the best in life. I wish there was a way to tell each and every one of them "thank you".

I am actually going through a rough time right now. For the past week or so, I have been really depressed and crying all of the time. A couple of family members have helped. My church is actually helping me a lot. I see these people often (my family and my church family) so I can physically tell them "thank you". But, I would like to do more for them. Something more meaningful. Maybe if, when I am able to, I send them gift baskets Sounds like a nice idea to me. Maybe a nice fruit basket to each of them. Maybe flowers? I'm not sure, but I will really think about this for the next few weeks. I want to show my appreciation, show them that I am truly thankful for what they have done. They didn't have to help me, but they did. There are some people who honestly have a heart of gold... and I am forever grateful for them.

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  1. I love this post! For me, I always find comfort from my kids. They don't have to say anything, their hug makes me feel complete and loved.


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