Monday, March 19, 2012

Mission Tuition

I remember college like it was yesterday and the number one thing I remember is that it was EXPENSIVE!!!  I started taking classes when I was 19 and then I decided to get married and start a family so I went on and off until I finally got my Bachelor's Degree in 2009.  Prices definitely went up each year that I attended and I know a lot of students now who are constantly complaining about how much stuff costs. It would have been so much help if I had been introduced to companies like Mission Tuition so I could have been saving money while making purchases of other things we needed at a discount price!!

Mission Tuition offers a free educational savings program for parents, relatives, and even students.  By using the website to shop with major retailers, you can earn valuable money toward cash rebates. When you sign up with their easy enrollment, they automatically open an educational savings account for you. Then you shop online at Mission Tuition and the advertised rebate from each retailer goes directly into your savings account. When you are ready to access your savings, you just let them know! You can request a check to withdraw your funds or tell them where you would like the money transferred! 

You can access participating merchants HERE and it will also show you there how much cash back you will receive. For example, I shop at Old Navy all of the time and they offer 2% cash back!!!  Places like Petco offer up to 6%.  I did a search for toys and games and it brought up a list of all of the places to shop and I couldn't believe that some of them offer up to 10%.

This is definitely worth checking out!!!


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