Sunday, March 11, 2012

Places To Visit In Ohio....The Columbus Zoo

So we decided to get away this weekend on a little mini vacation and I was so excited! It's been awhile since we have really done anything away from home so we were definitely overdue. Yesterday instead of hanging out another day at the indoor waterpark we went to, we decided to venture out to the Columbus Zoo!!!!  It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day and even though we were both born and raised in Ohio, neither my husband or I had ever been to the Columbus Zoo! The kids haven't been to a zoo in awhile either and I knew they were going to have a blast!

When we arrived, it was going to cost us nearly $80 to get in if you counted in parking so we invested in a years membership for just $92!!!  That means we can go back to the Columbus Zoo anytime in the next 365 days and it will not cost us a penny to get in! We will also get free parking so really, it practically paid for itself in our first visit. Plus, I think it will be an incentive for us to go back. It's only about 1.5 hours from our house and they have so many great events throughout the year that we would love to go back and see. Because it's only March, a lot of the animals weren't outside when we were there either so now this gives us an excuse to go back and see all of the animals we missed! A lot of the rides weren't open yet either so we definitely want to go back and do that. We did manage to get a train ride and a ride on the carousel though!!!

I was super bummed because my camera went dead after just a few minutes of being there (We hadn't planned on going anywhere else besides the waterpark so I didn't bring my charger. Oops!)  but I still managed to get some great pics of a few of our favorite things on my phone.

We absolutely LOVE the monkeys at the zoo. The gorillas, the apes, you name it and we love them.  It was super cool seeing the Silver Back Gorillas!!! This one here is in her 40's and we got there right at feeding time. They were all going crazy doing sign language because they were so excited to eat. It was a really awesome thing to get to see. There was a worker there who was telling us how this particular gorilla is the subordinate one in her family so she eats alone or the other gorillas might steal her food. All of the other gorillas were teenagers except for the mother who was in her 50's. It was crazy listening to the stories and learning about their ages and stuff. We watched them forever and they act so much like humans, it's insane!  The siblings picked on one another, pulling each other's hair and wrestling around. It was so funny!

We also got to go visit the aquarium which was nice because it was a little chilly outside. This gave us the chance to warm up and our kids loved looking at all of the different types of fish and other water animals!!!!

Our kids also loved watching the bears! We found brown bears, black bears, polar bears......we even found a few little bears wrestling around together. They were so cute!!! Most of the bears were enjoying a lazy Saturday though like this big brown bear!!!!

If you are ever in Ohio, this is definitely a place you will want to visit. The Columbus Zoo is an awesome place for families to go and we can't wait to go again!



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