Thursday, April 19, 2012


This post brought to you by AppGear. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you haven't noticed yet, technology is crazy these days. I can't believe some of the products that are available on the market really blows me away. Toys, gaming, smart phones and tablets are meshing together more and more every day and that is very evident when you look at companies like AppGear!!  Our children have such an advantage to what is available to them as far as entertainment goes.  They are connected to the web and other outlets 24/7 and now AppGear is becoming a part of that trend!!!  To make a long story short, AppGear is Amplified Reality.  They have a full line of innovative aps that interact with collectible toys, shifting digital gaming into reality. So exciting for this gaming generation!!!!

My boys are really into this whole zombie thing right now so they are totally digging ZombieBurbz!  In this game, you can help the trash-munchers achieve the suburban dream, fight off angry mobs of the living and feed their craving for garbage. Sounds gross..........right up my boys alley!!!  I also watched a video for the Foam Fighters and we thought that looked super cool!!!  In this game, collectible foam airplanes fly on their own in the real world and unlock missions in the digital world when attached to an iPhone, Ipod Touch or Android Smart Phone.  The Bulldog and Screaming Eagle are 2 of the fun collectable planes.  

AppGear and WowWee are taking gaming to a whole new level and this generation is sure to jump on board! Check out their website for more information!!!


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