Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Earth Day with Hormel Foods

Spring is here and what better time to do something good for our environment?! April 22nd will be the 42nd anniversary of the celebration of Earth Day and this year the main focus will be to continue building the environmental movement and engaging new environmental activists around the globe. I learned through the Hormel Food Blogger Program that 80% of Hormel Foods' product packaging is recyclable and/or made from recycled materials which I just think is AWESOME!!!   In 2009, a half-inch in height was removed from each Jennie-O Turkey Store turkey burger carton, generating an annual paperboard savings of more than 68,000 pounds! More information on Hormel Foods’ package minimization efforts can be found HERE!

Here are some simple ways you and your family can help the environment!!

• Plan an eco-friendly picnic! Skip paper plates and bring along utensils and dishes from home. Pack products that are known for their eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. One example is Hormel® Natural Choice® deli meats. As part of its commitment to be 100 percent natural inside and out, Hormel® Natural Choice® deli meats now has recyclable packaging made of 100 percent recycled material and they are the only national brand that features 100 percent recycled packaging.

• On your next trip to the grocery store, avoid the plastic by bringing along a cloth, reusable bag. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are a lot stronger than regular plastic bags!

• Take a shorter shower or brush your teeth without running the water. Not only will you reduce water consumption, but the energy costs associated with heating the water.

• Contribute to an online campaign through the Earth Day Network! There are also plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer on the actual day in your communities! http://www.earthday.org/take-action

• Last month, Hormel introduced a brand new eco-friendly package for Hormel™ Country Crock® sides!
 This new “in-mold” package design replaces the paper sleeve, placing the printed information directly on the tub, which saves more than 8,500 trees a year! Try one of the newly introduced flavors that include cheesy diced potatoes, four cheese penne pasta with broccoli, bacon ranch mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes with bacon; and mashed sweet potatoes.

One of the easiest things we have been doing right now is using re-useable water bottles for the entire family! Before we started doing this, my husband was drinking between 6-8 plastic bottles of water every day at work. Now he just refills his bottle at the water fountain and not only is he helping the environment, but he is also helping our bank account!!!!!  We received a really awesome water bottle this month from Hormel and my husband really loves it.

What will you do to make a difference this year?

*This post has been written as a part of my participation in the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger Program. All opinions are my own*


  1. We lovvve Hormel! Such an awesome company!

    I promised myself this year I would actually remember to always take my reusable bags to the store with me.

  2. I always forget my reusable grocery bags..thanks for the reminder :) Great post and ideas!

  3. I am trying better to use the reusable water bottles!! Thanks for the info and reminder!

  4. This year, we started cloth diapering our newborn. After using disposables for 3 years with our first son, I just couldn't do it anymore...all those diapers just sitting in the landfills. Plus, cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run.

  5. I have been using reusable water bottles for 3 years now. Made more sense, drink refill, chill repeat!

  6. What great tips! We have been using reusable water bottles now for a few years. We used to buy the plastic and reuse them, but they can only be reused just so many times.
    Danielle S


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