Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Mobility Awareness

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National Mobility Awareness Month is right around the corner and this is the perfect time to help spread the word!  So many people think that you can't live a normal life when you have a disability but this couldn't be farther from the truth. The reality is, people with disabilities can live an active, mobile lifestyle just like everyone else! The goal of National Mobility Awareness Month in May is to educate people on just how many people are living with disabilities and to make people aware of the help that is available to them. Did you know that over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada have mobility issues and that 6 million of them are veterans?!  People with disabilities constitute the 2nd largest minority in the United States today!!! Fortunately, there are mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers, certified driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals in their communities dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Backed by a recognized national spokesperson, Mike Savicki, they are asking people to submit their stories to be showcased by national and local media. Through online communities, NMEDA’s Facebook page, blog and website, they will share stories from Local Heroes, people who are dealing with or overcoming their mobility challenges. Local Heroes, friends and family members should encourage people to vote for their story on www.mobilityawarenessmonth.com to win one of the custom Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV). The favorite stories will be chosen and the winners will be awarded the WAV on national television. A minimum of three custom WAV’s will be given away. A Local Hero can be defined as anyone in your community – whether a caregiver, veteran or person with disabilities, who is dealing with or overcoming mobility challenges.

National Mobility Awareness Month is sponsored by NMEDA – The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association and the following partners: 

Bruno Independent Living Aids 
VMI/Vantage Mobility International 
SanTan Honda Superstore in Chandler, AZ

The National Spokesperson is Mike Savicki. Mike is a 44-year old, C6, 7 quadriplegic who is a veteran, athlete, advocate and entrepreneur.  His personal website is www.mikesavicki.com and he recently purchased a Wheelchair Accessible vehicle from a NMEDA dealer! 

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