Friday, April 20, 2012

Planning a Trip to Disney?

When I was a child, my dream was to take a trip to one of the Disney resorts and now that I have children of my own, it's something I want to plan with my own children.  When I first started doing research on a trip, I quickly became overwhelmed. There are SO many different options, different places to visit, places to stay.  How on earth is one ever supposed to plan a trip of this size without being completely lost? And that is when I introduced to Krystin Turner! Krystin is a Disney Travel Professional who helps families plan any Disney vacation including Disney Cruises and trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Adventures by Disney!!! Best of all, her services are 100% FREE!!!!!

As an authorized Disney Vacation Planner, Krystin can help you plan pretty much every aspect of your trip.  She will start by helping you choose the perfect resort for your family. From there, she can assist you in your dining choices and even help create an itinerary to help you make the most out of your trip.  She is also a discount checking agent meaning she ensures her clients get the best discounts, even after they book!!!  Check out her site HERE where you can find everything Disney!!  One of her latest posts really caught my eye and it was a creative way to count down your trip to Disney!  What a fun way to get your family excited about their vacation!!!   You can also visit her Facebook Page where she is giving away a Disney gift card for every 200 fans she gets!!

If you are wanting to plan a trip to Disney and don't know where to begin, contact Krystin via her website or on Facebook and let her start helping you plan a trip of a lifetime!!!!

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