Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kids Teeth and Dental Plans

With 4 children, we take our fair share of trips to the dentist.  I am really a stickler at making sure our kids go every 6 months for cleaning, checkups and flouride treatments and then following up with any additional care that might be needed.  We just had our 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter at the pediatric dentist for checkups and wouldn't you know it, even with making them brush twice a day, they each have a small cavity.  I  was so annoyed that they wouldn't fill the cavities right then so now we have to make another trip (it's a 45 minute drive) to go back at the end of June to get them taken care of.  I should be more thankful that we have such great dental insurance but I wish there were dentists in our plan that were a little bit closer!!! We have no dentists in our area that participate in our plan so we have to drive to bigger cities that are nearly an hour away just to get regular dental work done.  We looked at all of the dental plans that my husband's work offers and they are all the same. No closer dentists which is really going to be a pain if we have to make frequent trips.

In addition to our 7 and 9 year olds, our 10 year old has to have oral surgery here before Summer ends.  If you remember last year, I had posted that it appeared he had extra permanent teeth which is really rare and sure enough, he did! He now has 2 fully emerged extra permanent teeth on the top row. That means we have to schedule an oral surgeon and then start the long journey of braces. Yay Rah!  But of course, wouldn't you know it, this year my husband's work cut orthodontia out of the dental plan so that means we are going to have to pay for the majority of it ourselves. Looks like maybe this Mama needs to start looking for a JOB!  I always thought that the kids would get cheaper as they got older but looking back, I sure was wrong. Babies are nothing compared to tweens!!!!!

Do you have a good dental plan or is yours lacking too? 


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