Friday, May 18, 2012

Nutrisystem Week 1 Recap #NSNation

If you remember, I recently shared that I was going to be beginning my Nutrisystem Journey as a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program!!!! I was really excited to find out I was going to be a part of the program and was stoked when my first food order arrived on Friday, May 11th!!!  First of all, I have to tell you my thoughts about the program so far. Being a picky eater, I was extremely worried about the foods that I would have to eat on the program. Boy was I wrong! I was able to hand-pick all of my meals from Nutrisystem's huge menu, choosing foods that I knew I would most likely enjoy eating.  I chose everything from chicken breast to pizza which was a big sigh of relief! My breakfast choices have been my favorite so far and have included granola cereal,cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, pancakes, french toast and oatmeal!   There have been a few of the lunch and dinner choices that haven't been my favorite but over all I have to admit that I am really surprised by the food. Now I have a better idea of what to order for next month since I have already tried so many things! I can order more of those things that I really liked and less of the things that I didn't really care for. 

Most of all, I love what the program is teaching me. Before I thought it was all about WHAT you ate but what I am learning through Nutrisystem is that it is a combination of what you eat, how much you eat and your physical activity.  I can honestly say that I have poured 100% into the program so far. I have followed the program without "cheating" and I have exercised daily. My exercise includes at least 30 minutes of a walk/jog combination on the treadmill and I try to get in one extra exercise session per day that usually includes some kind of muscle toning. I love Zumba and I also found an awesome kickboxing movie on Netflix that is really awesome because it breaks five different workouts up into 10 minute sessions so I can do them throughout the day instead of all at once! If you have Netflix, definitely utilize that as a free resource for workout DVD's! There are a ton on there right now including some great pilates and cardio workouts!  I am pushing myself to new limits that I have never gone before and it's really rewarding. My goal this week is to lose 2 pounds and to shave 30 seconds off of my mile on the treadmill!  I peaked at the scale this morning when I got up and I am already pushing that 2 pound mark with 4 more days to go in week 2 so that makes me super excited and even more motivated to keep pushing. It's been a big transition for me as my body adjusts to the new lifestyle but I think after a couple more weeks, I should be feeling great again. I have started a multivitamin to make sure I am getting my daily vitamins and I think that is helping already.  I also drink a TON of water which helps keep me hydrated and feeling full throughout the day. Nutrisystem hooked me up with a water bottle that really helps me keep track of my water intake throughout the day and I have actually been drinking close to double what is required so I know I am staying good and hydrated!!

So without further ado, Week 1 results are in!! Drumroll please..........

Week 1: 7 lbs. Lost 

WOOOOOOOOOOO HOO!!!! Talk about exciting!!!!!  On to week 2............

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*I am being provided four months of Nutrisystem food and counsel for free as a blogger. All opinions are 100% my own*


  1. Congratulations! You are doing awesome!!

  2. Wow. That is awesome!!! Way to go....

  3. Woot woot! So happy to hear you are doing great.

  4. How exciting! Good luck on your journey!

  5. " is a combination of what you eat, how much you eat and your physical activity.." :)

  6. WOW!!! That's awesome that you already lost 7 lbs in the 1st week! Don't think I'm going to be hitting that tomorrow, but I also can't say that I've been as faithful as you, so I'm not surprised. You're doing fantastic, though and I'm kind of tickled that you're a week ahead of me in the program b/c now I feel like I have a little mentor I can follow along with! Thanks so much for linking up... I'm SO nervous to post my first week synopsis tomorrow!!


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