Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pest Control

Living in the country, I see all kinds of bugs.  Most of them don't bother me because they come and go but when they decide to camp out and make MY home THEIR home, then we have a problem! This year I have seen a huge increase in spiders which couldn't gross me out more. I have been hanging some of our stuff out on the line since we have had such nice, warm weather and today a daddy long leg spider was in my laundry basket when I came in. I won't lie. I screamed until my hubby came and rescued me. Of course he laughed and proceeded to tell me that it was "just a little spider" but that didn't make me feel any better. Any spider is a bad spider in my book, no matter what the size!!! We often see an ant outbreak here as well and when that time comes, we either have to call someone to come take care of the problem or we have to go get special stuff to take care of them ourselves.  There is just nothing worse than having creepy crawlies in your house. If you are having problems and need pest control, you can always contact a place like www.pestcontrol.us  and they will come do the work for you too!  They can get rid of everything from the occasional invaders to rodents!  

What pesky bug do you despise the worse???

*This post has been brought to you by www.pestcontrol.us, however, all opinions are my own*


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