Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swingset Press Games for Tween Girls

Being a tween girl brings a lot of challenges but also a lot of fun! I can remember going to multiple sleepovers and having SO much fun with my friends at this age. Now that summer vacation is officially here for our children, I would imagine our 9 year old daughter is going to want to host and attend multiple sleepovers and that means we will have to find entertainment for her and her friends. If you have a tween girl, you will not want to miss out on the  newest games from Swingset Press! Designed for girls aged 7-12, these games offer amazing fun at a super affordable price that your daughter and her friends will LOVE!  Our daughter was super excited when Acting Out, Star Awardz and Ultimate Truth or Dare showed up on our doorstep!!! 

Ultimate Truth or Dare:

This is by far one of the best tween versions of this game that I have seen to date! Given the option to pass or choose, the girl who reaches 100 points first wins.  Examples of truths include "On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute do you think you are" and funny dares include "Eat five potato chips using only your feet!"  I have to say, I did think it was a bit odd one evening when I heard our daughter outside in the front yard belting out the pledge of allegiance but then I realized she and her friend were playing this game and I couldn't help but crack up.  I could hear the girls giggling all night long and that made me super happy. They were entertained on their own and didn't need Mom to give them ideas to keep them busy!  This is going to go on our "Must have's for Summer" list because I am sure our daughter and her friends are going to be spending a lot of time with this game!!!

Star Awardz:

A must have game for outgoing girls who love to get silly! Does your daughter and her friends have what it takes to be a S.T.A.R?! (Singing-Toe-Tapping-Acting-Ridiculous) Is she the next singing sensation? Is her BFF a Dancing Diva? Here is their chance to prove it by performing it. This is another super fun game from Swingset Press!!  Girls have a chance to show their talents in a super fun and hysterical way.  Who will take home the S.T.A.R. Awardz?!  It's not as easy as it looks!  Can you get your friends to guess who you are if you were to imitate your Mom? Can you do a cartwheel and land in a split? Grab this game and find out if you are a STAR!  

Acting Out: 

Every little girl loves to act and in this game of Acting Out, your child has the chance to act out a multitude of different scenarios while the others guess what they are trying to do!  With each "Act out" you also have to do a "Sound Out" making for lots of laughs! This is a 2012 Winner of the National Parenting Seal of Approval and it's no wonder because it's an AWESOME game!  Our daughter and her friends have never laughed so hard as they try to act out these super silly commands.  Can you eat a bowl of popcorn while screaming like you've just seen a celebrity? Better yet, can your friends guess what you are doing? Or how about vacuum the floor while nagging like your mother? My daughter was good at this one! Definitely another "Must Have" for the tween girl in your life!!!!

All three of these games are available for just $14.99 each and can be purchased at Barnes and Nobles and Justice stores or they can also be purchased online here! Definitely check out the website and see what else Swingset Press has to offer and while you are at it, be sure to like them on Facebook so you can keep up with what's new and maybe you might even find a giveaway or two!!!!!

One lucky reader is going to win their choice of either Star Awardz, Acting Out or Ultimate Truth or Dare!!!

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  1. pick me!!! I would love the truth or dare game!

  2. I'd get star awardz!
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  3. I'd choose Acting Out

  4. I think I would choose Star Awardz for my oldest(almost 8)!

    Marcie Wahrer (rafflecopter)

  5. I'd say the acting out looks the most fun :)


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