Monday, May 14, 2012

Travel Products from Prince Lionheart

It's hard for me to believe that it is May already but in just 3 short weeks, our children will be out of school and we will be planning our Summer Vacation!!!  We usually like to take a few mini-trips during the Summer months as well as a big vacation but let's face it. Kids can be hard on your vehicle!!!  Luckily, Prince Lionheart has us covered with two of their awesome products just for families like us!!!

The first product is their backseat organizer which is pretty sweet. Between four children, we have a lot of necessities that travel with us and having a nice place to keep them all together is definitely a plus!  It's hard enough to keep a vehicle clean when you have children but when you add all of their stuff to the mix, you can have a mess pretty quickly.  The Prince Lionheart Backseat Organizer is perfect!  It's really spacious and has numerous pockets to put the essentials. Baby wipes, tissues, toys, etc. will finally have a place to go when we are on the go! 

It also has a nifty little hook on the side where you can hang a favorite toy or whatever else you might want to put there. The backseat organizer comes in both black or brown so you can get it to match pretty much any upholstery which is also a plus.  

The next product we received was the 2-Stage Seat Saver. I personally think we need one of these for every seat in the van, including the seats that the older kids sit in without car seats.  We just bought a new van a couple of months ago and my husband and I are crazy obsessed with keeping the seats clean and making sure it stays looking nice and new. Anybody with babies and toddlers can tell you though how difficult of a job that is on its own but then you add heavy, bulky car seats and your seats can be broke down and ruined in no time at all.  
As the name states, this is a 2-stage product. When your baby is in a rear facing infant seat, you can just use the bottom part and then when they graduate to a front-facing car seat or booster seat, you can add the back part. The 2 easily attach together with velcro making sure your entire seat is protected.   The seat saver is sleek and modern looking while offering a practical way to protect your seats and we LOVE it!

These are definitely two must have products if you are hitting the roads anytime soon!  The best part is that they are affordable and so easy to use! Both of these products are ready to use right out of the package so within a minute or two, you are ready to go! If you are planning any travel time with your children this Summer, don't forget to check out the Prince Lionheart website! They have several new travel products that you will definitely want to have!!!

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