Monday, June 4, 2012

Calling All Word Game Lovers: Introducing Kerflip!

Our family enjoys playing games but our favorite type of game, hands-down is word games. We all really enjoy playing word games because they are fun and because they are a great way to build vocabulary and spelling skills, especially with children! Lucky for us, we have three incredibly intelligent school-aged children who all enjoy reading and are great spellers so they actually offer my husband and I some competition when it comes to word-games, especially our 5th grader!!!  We have had a lot of rainy days here lately which means we have had a few more game nights than usual so we were STOKED when a brand new game from Creative Foundry showed up!!!! We couldn't wait to open up Kerflip! and play and to say that this game is "fun" would definitely be an understatement! 

Kerflip is a fast-moving, exciting word game where you are rewarded for making words faster than your opponents.  Because used tiles diminish in value each time they are used, the person who uses those tiles by making the first word gains an advantage by receiving the full point value. Once it's been used and flipped, it's worth only half of the original value. I think this is the most exciting part of the game for our family. It doesn't matter who makes the biggest word so if you are an over-thinker like my husband, you can count on getting beat by a 7 year old! (Shhhh. Don't tell him I told you!)  I love hearing our children shout out words because I love to see their little minds hard at work. The timers add a little pressure which adds to the excitement and fun of this game!!

I have to add, I have never seen a word-game with easier cleanup because the game is actually played FROM THE BOX! At the end of each round, you just sweep the used letters into the tile chute. At the end of the game, you just pick it up and gently shake the game box to funnel the tiles into the collection cup that is kept under the board. When you play games like this with children you can usually count on some missing tiles eventually but the way this game was created, it's nearly impossible to lose pieces! Totally Genius!

Watch this video below to see exactly how you play this super fun game! It takes a minute to get the hang of it but once you do, your family will have a blast playing together!!!

Buy It! Kerflip! is recommended for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up and is available for $24.99 Buy it between now and July 31 and use code blog20 to receive 20% off at 


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  1. I love the tile shoot in the box for easy cleanup.

  2. This sounds like a fun game and not too hard to figure out!
    Rita Spratlen

  3. Looks like a fun game for the whole family!


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