Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Usually I look forward to Summer because it seems to be our children's healthiest time of year. We rarely have to deal with sick kids in the Summer because they aren't at school picking up germs from other kids. This summer has been different though. Our youngest child started going to a facility for speech therapy last month and I don't know if that is what is causing it or not but he has had a nasty cold for awhile now. Of course it could be the fact that we went from 40 to 90 degrees overnight!  We have had some crazy weather lately, that's for sure! With our busy schedules and the fact that we are constantly on the go, I don't have time  to deal with sick kids so I have been trying to keep our house extra clean and sanitized to keep anybody else from getting sick.  Antibacterial soap is a great way to keep your kids hands germ free and with CleanWell, you can get rid of the germs without nasty and harsh chemicals!  

CleanWell kills germs with a patented thyme-based formulation that is kid-safe!  Because CleanWell is free of triclosan, benzalkonium chloride and alcohol, it is perfect for children with sensitive skin. CleanWell is never tested on animals and the active ingredient is biodegradable making the products a better choice for the environment! They offer a full line of hand soaps, sanitizers, disinfectants to go and even products for the home. Check out the website to learn more!!!

*This post was brought to you by CleanWell. All opinions are my own*

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