Monday, June 4, 2012

GeoSafari® Vega 600 Telescope from Educational Insights

Summer vacation is here and we are spending a lot more time outdoors. Our school-aged children really don't have a bedtime during the summer which means we have a lot of late nights! We all love to be outdoors, especially on warm nights so we were all really excited when we received the GeoSafari® Vega 600 Telescope from Educational Insights!!!!  Our children LOVE Science and everything to do with space so I knew they were going to really love this telescope!  Products like this give parents an awesome opportunity to teach their children about science and the kids will be having so much fun, they won't even realize they are learning! 

The Vega 600 has magnifications from 30x to 150x so you can look at everything from birds to the constellations.  High quality features include: 50mm achromatic objective lens, all-glass optics, two interchangeable eye pieces, optical finder scope, full-height adjustable tripod and image erector for viewing terrestrial subjects.  Scientists young and old will enjoy the crystal clear view that this telescope offers!!! 

First of all, it was really simple to put together. When it showed up and I opened up the box everything was neatly wrapped and we just had to unwrap everything and follow the easy instructions that were included to assemble the telescope. It took about 10 minutes to completely assemble the telescope which isn't bad at all.

 The kids sat and watched patiently as we put it together, even though they couldn't wait to use it!  We took the telescope outside and after adjusting it for a few minutes, it was ready to rock!!!  Our children literally spent hours outside taking turns looking at different stuff in the night sky.  The clear view surprised me and we were able to get close up looks at the stars and even point out the different constellations.  It's nice that this telescope is so lightweight too so you can easily move it around to see different things in different parts of the sky. Our children carried it all over the yard trying to find different stars and planets.  This telescope is recommended for 3rd grade and up and is a  great starter telescope for the young explorer!!  Check out Educational Insights for all of their GeoSafari and GeoSafari Jr. products to keep your children busy and learning this Summer!!!  


One lucky winner is going to receive their own GeoSafari Vega 600 Telescope!!!

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  1. I would love to win this telescope, have wanted one, but can never afford one! Twitter won't let me follow anyone new.


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