Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Post: First Grade Math Online Games: A Break from the Traditional Classroom Setup

First Grade Math Online Games: A Break from the Traditional Classroom Setup
Introduction of Math Online Games to School’s Curriculum

Traditional methods of teaching involve a classroom setup where teachers rely on chalkboards, textbooks, worksheets and the like to impart the lessons to the students. The Centerfor the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning has enumerated the advantages and disadvantages of traditional methods of learning. Although it has some drawbacks as compared to progressive method, we still cannot contest its effectiveness that is why majority of schools still follow these traditional methods in their curriculum.

But with the emergence of technology, most schools would want to expose their students early with the use of the different IT equipments such as laptops, computers, etc, that they have incorporated the use of these tools as part of their curriculum.

For first graders, one way of introducing the concept of the computer and the Internet to them is by exposing them to first grade math online games.

These games offer an interactive environment for the kids where they can choose among 100 different math games that will let them have fun, while learning different math concepts that they require for their grade level.

These different online games are smart as it can gauge the knowledge level of the student and present them with an individualized curriculum based on the student’s knowledge. As the student progress, the software tracks this improvement and will offer a more advance games where student can learn elevated skills.

Let us face it. First graders are still playful and they still have a short attention span. Introducing online math games for first grader makes learning fun and allows them to expand their academic experience beyond the four walls of the classroom.

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