Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Post: Information about Adaptive Learning Platform

What is an adaptive learning platform?

Addition and Subtraction
Relationship between numbers
Fractions, Decimals and Proportions

These are just some of the many math facts that elementary students should master and learn in just a short period of time before they can move to middle school. There is a vast amount of information that students in the elementary level should learn that it is no surprise that some of them might require little help to pass the subject.

To make learning Math more fun and interesting for the kids of every age, an adaptive learning platform that incorporates play with the in depth math curriculum can be an invaluable tool.

As mentioned in the article in EmergingEdTech entitled, Adaptive Learning, An Idea With Powerful Potential, we can really see the benefits that students can get with this new form of learning methods.

So what is an adaptive learning platform? An adaptive learning environment provides:

  • Individualized instruction. Adaptive learning setup makes use of interactive tools such as online math games that the student can learn at their own pace. The program tracks student progress and changes the level of difficulty of the games as the child progresses so it is a good tool for each student, whether they are struggling or is advance in their level. These online games monitors each level of the students and can adapt in real-time to the skill level and aptitude of each individual students.
  • Progress Tracking. These online games also provide a way for the teachers and even the parents to monitor the progress of their kids as it provides a graphical summary and report so they will be given a clear picture of what areas needs emphasis to provide students with the most helpful learning environment.
  • Fun while Learning. Since an adaptive learning environment present lessons in a form of games, it makes learning fun and approachable for the kids.
With all of these positive features, an adaptive learning environment that includes online math games surely has a lot of potential as it can be used by teachers as an effective tool to build proficiency and mastery of Math in a fun learning environment.

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