Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make Money Online with Inbox Dollars


 I signed up only to have my email account bombarded with emails. You do eventually make enough money to cash out but in my opinion, IT'S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!!!!!

I have encountered so many people lately who are looking to make money online, especially stay at home Mom's so I was super excited to come across Inbox Dollars. This isn't going to make you a millionaire but if you are looking to make just a little extra spending money, this is a great way to do that! Right now you can get $5 just for signing up and then after that, you can earn money by playing games, filling out surveys and even for shopping online!  Just click the picture below to get signed up!!

After signing up and filling out my profile, I already have $5.50 in my account! As soon as you hit $30 you can request a payout and they will send a check right to your door! Nice!


  1. love them too, have cashed out twice so far with them. Just a heads up, as a basic member they will take out a fee to process you check, so you won't get the @30 but only around $27
    also they only process requests once per quarter so it can happen if you missed the deadline that you have to wait 3 months to see the check

  2. You should also check out mypoints and sendearnings! Please let me know if you would like to sign up under me so I can send you my referral id.

    Michelle Ayers

  3. I didn't have a good experience with this company. What a scam! I spent a couple of years reading their paid emails only to be downgraded to weekly emails (because I was apparently not spending any money on their sponsors!) and then to no emails. At that point, I decided to cash out only to find out that in order to cash out you had to have an active account. That is an account where you are basically receiving the emails ... which I no longer was.

    (Un)helpful links showed me other ways to remain active (1, spend money; 2. complete surveys, etc.) so on my second request for a payout (on the same money) I decided to do a survey just before the pay out processing date so that my account would be active and my check processed. Any guesses as to whether I received a check? Nope.

    So, third try, I contact customer service directly to find out EXACTLY what I need to do to have an active account on the processing date so that I can receive a CHECK. I get the runaround with several responses to look at the (Un)helpful links I have already seen, and finally was referred on to some other department who is supposed to be helping me within 24-48 hours.

    I already know I'm not getting a check. I wasted my time. DON'T WASTE YOURS. This is a scam company, or as close to it as you can probably get without being sued.

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