Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UPS My Choice

If you are like me and get a lot of packages from UPS, you will definitely want to check out the UPS My Choice program! It's a FREE program that allows you to get calls or messages when you have packages on the way and you can even reroute and reschedule deliveries if you aren't going to be home!!! I signed up and it was really quick and easy to do! Just click below to be taken to the sign-up page! 


  1. UPS My Choice turned into my nightmare. There are restrictions brought to light after you pay for the service. Basic packages are not part of the service. I was sent a text letting me know that my package was left outside my front door (which was stolen before I got home from work to grab it). I spent many hours after signing up for this fiasco on the phone asking for the restrictions in writing. No one could provide or find it on the UPS website. I even called to pretend I was interested in signing up and asked if there was restrictions. The told me no. At this point I said I was already had the service. The agent then said there was restrictions, but he could not give them to me in writing. Most of the stores online ship basic, so this service was of no use to me. Only partial payment refunded.

  2. FedEx Hold at Location allows you to redirect a package in shipment or even after you get a door tag to a nearby FedEx Office location. And it is free and been in the market for a few years. Just put your tracking or doortag number on the fedex.com site and select the "hold at location" option...


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