Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visit Newport Beach

This post brought to you by Newport Beach. All opinions are 100% mine.


Summer is fast approaching and people all over the world are in search of an awesome vacation that will wisk them away and give them the times of their lives.  My husband and I keep agreeing that we need to get out of Ohio and get a change of scenery for a week or two so we have been actively searching for a getaway to take our own family on. If you are searching for pristine waters, unparalleled views, family outings and a resort that renders a relaxing environment look no further!!! Newport Beach offers a rewarding experience for families in search of a carefree vacation spot where they can relax and just have a good time with their families!!!

How amazing does that place look? You can visit the Newport Beach site to check out everything they have to offer!!!  I played around on the site for awhile myself to see everything they have to offer and it looks like a really amazing place to visit! The site shows you different things about Newport Beach and even allows you to book a hotel! I did a search for the 2nd week of August because that's a week before our kids go back to school and it suggested some pretty amazing places to stay in the area for just about any budget. There were hotels from $80/night up to almost $500/night.  The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Hotel offers Buy one room at full price, receive a connecting room for kids 18 and under at 50% off! This is amazing for families like us that have 4 children! The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach is a resort-style bayside destination on 26 acres and boasts 3-pools and whirlpools, shuffle board, ping pong, and a 9-hole, par-3 golf course! You can call 800-233-1234 and mention the Family Plan to book today!

If you click on the "Dining" tab, you can search the food available at Newport Beach and it's pretty cool that you can search by location, cuisine or even price! When I am on a vacation, I love to eat foods that aren't available here at home so this is a great resource! If you are wondering what you can do in Newport Beach, you can click on Things to Do and find a ton of different attractions and activities. Whether you are traveling with your spouse or your entire family, there is so much to do! Our family is perfectly happy just lounging on a beach but I am certain we would also enjoy something like the Balboa Fun Zone, one of Southern California's oldest amusement areas!!!  They also offer Kids Camps which I thoguht was super cool!  With over 100 different camps offered, you are certain to find one that your children will enjoy! They have several different beach and water camps available but since my kids love sports, the Skyhawks Multi-Sport Camp would be right up their alley!!!  I personally think that the "Parent and Me Sailing Camp" would be a blast! I love getting to do fun stuff with our children and this sounds like a great time!

Have you ever been to Newport Beach? What attractions make you most want to visit? If you are like us, you are super busy and just need to getaway. Why do you most need a vacation??

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  1. we live about 15-20 miles away from Newport Beach and it's a great place for vacation or a day trip if you live close enough.
    What I like most is that you can experience that small town flair while being in reach of metro LA or Orange County


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