Friday, June 22, 2012

We're Moving!

Ok, so I am super super super excited to share that we FINALLY found a house that we love in town and we are going to be moving by the end of Summer!  We have had fun living in the country but I really miss living in town. We have been on the search for months now and we never realized how hard it was going to be to find a house in town that is big enough for our family but we finally did and were so happy to find out that we have been approved for the loan and now we can get the ball rolling! It's going to be a couple of months obviously because all of this stuff takes time but seriously, I could not be happier!  We spend so much time in town for the kids sporting events and during the school year with school things so it's really going to be a great economical move for us.  Plus, it's going to make my husband closer to his work. I am *slightly* nervous about buying a new house right now with the economy being so crummy not to mention everything going on with the stock market. I was joking with my husband and told him we need to start investing in gold!  Don't laugh! The US Money Reserve is giving some pretty crazy estimates right now about how high the value of gold is going to go and yesterday they reported it could surge 500%!!!!!!!!! Craziness. But anyhoo. The house is 4 bedrooms, 2 baths with a full basement and the most amazing back yard so I don't feel like we are giving up too much by moving back in town. And best of all, the cities park is pretty much in our backyard. I can look out of the fence surrounding the back yard and see the baseball diamonds that we spend our entire summers at and just over the hill is the big pond so my husband and kids can do one of their favorite things whenever they want-FISHING!! It will be crazy being within walking distance of all our son's baseball games too. It's going to save us so much time and money. I am just so thrilled!

I know I have been super super busy and haven't had the chance to share this yet either but I also had a job interview this week too for my DREAM JOB and I am so excited at the possibility of getting the job. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do now as far as my blog and other marketing jobs go but I really feel like it's time for me to start a career that is rewarding to me and this is the perfect match. It's a marketing position in a local long-term care facility and it would be such an honor to work there. You know not everybody gets the chance to have their dream job and really love what they do and I know this job would be something that  would be very fulfilling for me and I know I would be so good at it! I was able to tour the facility and I fell in love with it. Now I am just crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers that everything will work out!!!

Right now things could not be going better. It almost scares me! LOL You know how sometimes you think things are just going to perfectly and they are coming together so easily that you are just standing back and waiting for a hiccup in the road because usually things don't go this smoothly!!!!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that everything will continue to go as planned and maybe, just maybe, I might just get that dream job of mine :) 

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