Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Post: It's a Miracle

Week One: It’s a Miracle
By: Ada Hilton

I would have to say that Week one on Nutrisystem was a success. I am so excited to finally find a program that works. As of the end of week one I have lost 8 pounds. I know that this is not going to be the normal loss but it is enough to kick start me into wanting to keep working on it. I have to admit that I had a few cheats but nothing big. I took the grandkids to McDonald’s and I found myself eating fries as I was plating their food. I realized this week that I am a grazer. I nibble on food while I am cooking, I find myself wanting to munch on snacks while I am working. I had not noticed this before I had to watch everything I ate. I will have to admit that the program is not hard but at first it is time consuming. I had to plan ahead what our meals were and what our add in groceries would be. It took a little time to write a grocery list then plan each day in advance. I also had to portion out the veggies and fruits; otherwise Rick would eat more than allowed. We had developed a lot of unhealthy eating habits that will take some time to break. But we are excited to be in this journey.

My husband, Rick, also lost 8 pounds but even better news is that his sugar levels have dropped almost to normal. For the first time in years, this week his sugar was only 150 in the morning. I can’t remember the last time it was under 200 and his “normal” was usually 350. We went to the Dr for his regular checkup and talked with the Dr about it. He said the goal for his sugar levels is to be under 200 (normal range is 70-120). He explained that anytime my husband’s sugar is over 200 it is causing damage to his body, even if he can’t feel it happening. He told him to keep doing what he is doing and he wants to follow up in a month, and may even lower some of his medication. So we are super excited that it is this low. Rick says he can see better and he has more energy. I chuckle when I see him running in place and swinging his arms around. His exercise has been nearly nonexistent. I have been telling him for a year that pushing the buttons on the remote does not count as exercise. I purchased an elliptical and the first day he could do about 5 rounds, now he is up to 100. I even overheard him on the phone telling our Pastor that Nutrisystem saved his life.
Thanks to Nutrisystem for making this success possible for us. Looking forward to more great results.

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*Rick and Ada are being provided four months of Nutrisystem food and counsel at no cost. Ada is trying the Women's Success Select and Rick is trying the Nutrisystem D program for diabetics. All opinions are 100% their own*

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