Friday, July 6, 2012

Hearthsong Garden Fort and $50 Giveaway

It has been a long hot summer here so far but that hasn't stopped our kids from playing outside! They love to be outdoors and they can find things to occupy themselves for hours but every once in awhile they need a little help and that's where Hearthsong comes in!  They have a huge variety of outdoor toys that are perfect for Summertime play and we were so excited to receive a Garden Fort from them!

The garden fort is definitely a unique playhouse that your children are sure to love! They can grow a lush, leafy dwelling right in your backyard with the three varieties of seeds that come in the kit including Black-Eyed Susan Vine, Cypress Vine and asparagus beans!!!  

This was the first year that we had a garden so our kids were all into this nature business and this was right up their alley! It was super easy to put together and now we just have to wait for our seeds to sprout. You plant the seeds around the base and the plants should grow up the frame to create the walls and roof.  I will try to remember to update the blog with a picture later on after everything blooms!!

If you are looking for an awesome summertime product, definitely check out the garden fort from Hearthsong or visit their website and see what else you can find to spark your interest! From everything to pool toys to tire swings, you are sure to find something. 


One lucky reader is going to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Hearthsong.Com! 

*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Review and Giveaway were provided at no cost via the company and/or representing PR firm*

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