Monday, July 2, 2012

Mr. Beams Emergency Lights

Over the past week or so, we have experienced some crazy storms that have left millions of people without power.  When storms hit last week, we lost power for over 27 hours and we were left in the dark. Literally. Living in the country without any type of lights for situations like these, our house was pitch black. We scrambled around to find flashlights and thanks to wickless candles, we didn't even have any candles to light!  It was a real pain so you could probably imagine my excitement when a box showed up on our porch the next morning from Mr. Beams!  

We received the Ready Bright system that includes a Power Outage Detector, Stair and Path Light and a Ceiling Light.  My husband was at work and I was able to install the system myself within 15 minutes so that is a huge plus. I don't like complicated systems that I can't handle myself and I was really impressed with how quickly the system installed. 

What you see here is the Detector which also doubles as a flashlight. As soon as the power goes out, this detects it, illuminates and sends out a signal to the other lights to activate. Within seconds, you have light and not just any light! You have bright lights that pretty much light up the entire house.  When our power went out a second time over the weekend, we had the system installed and what a HUGE difference it made.  The flashlight is extremely bright and it's in a location where even the kids can find it quickly and easily.  We were able to safely navigate around the house and it took a lot of stress off of us because the kids weren't freaking out about being in the dark while we searched for our stash of flashlights.  

I love this video that shows exactly how the system works because I can relate to this woman totally! When our power went out for the first time last week, we were totally unprepared. When we finally got the flashlights all found, half of them didn't have batteries.  Now if the power goes out again, we are totally prepared!!!!

Due to the storms, Mr. Beams is offering FREE overnight shipping right now for all orders in the U.S. This is a great time to prepare yourself should the power go out again!!!

*No monetary exchange was made for this post. All opinions are my own. Product was received free of charge from the company and/or representing PR firm*


  1. Cool! That would be of much help especially in times of electrical interruption. Thanks for sharing this information. Nice posting!

  2. Nice posting! It is really important to have emergency lights. They are really useful especially during emergency situation.


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