Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purina Pro Plan’s “How is Your Dog Great?” Video Contest

We didn't have a lot of pets growing up so I was never really exposed to a lot of animals. That all changed though when I got married and had children of my own.  Although it has been hard finding a good pet for our family, I have to's been a wild but fun ride having different animals in our home. Our first pet was Harlem, a crazy hedgehog.  I almost died when my husband brought it home but figured I got the good end of the deal because my brother in law who was with my husband brought home baby ducks for his family. LOL We learned after this that we should never send them  anywhere together ever again!!!  After the hedgehog we had fish, hermit crabs, and my least favorite, a red-tail boa constrictor.  I quickly decided that reptiles weren't really my "thing" so we decided that dogs and cats were more up our alley!!!

For some reason every time someone finds an animal, it ends up at our house! This is the stray kitten that came home with my kids from church last year.  Aiden thought that was the greatest thing and so we let him name him.....he named him "dog dog." HA!

This is Rambo and Krush, two of our families favorite doggies! Rambo is a Bull Mastiff and Krush is an English Bulldog.  They are best friends and they love to fight and wrestle around together but at the end of the day, their favorite thing to do is snuggle!!!! Rambo is the gentle giant and Krush is a total maniac!!  Two completely different personalities but both so sweet and loyal!!!

It's been a super hot summer here in Ohio and Krush has come to LOVE her swimming pool and the water hose!!! 

This is another member of our family, Marcy. Marcy is a spoiled Yorkie Papillon mix who is very naughty!!! She eats everything that is in sight, including clothes, shoes, paper and anything else you can imagine. Once while we were all at church she ate almost 1/4 of a pair of JEANS! Yep. This means that she is an expensive dog because she has had to have surgery to get things removed from her stomach that she has eaten. But we can't imagine our family without her because she and our 2 year old are best buddies! When we walk in the door the first thing Aiden does is start yelling for her and she comes running! 

Here is Marcy and Rambo hanging out and watching out the window together. Too funny!!!!

Do you have dogs? If so, Purina® Pro Plan® is asking passionate pet owners across the country to put their dog's greatness on display in the "How is Your Dog Great?" video contest!!!  From now until August 27, 2012, you can upload a short film, less than 2 minutes in length to the Pro Plan YouTube channel. Videos should demonstrate moments along their dog's journey toward greatness that inspire others to discover the greatness in their dog. The grand prize winner will have their winning video featured in a Pro Plan commercial!!!! The commercial will be unveiled at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show presented by Purina Pro Plan. The winner will also receive a year's supply of Pro Plan dog food!!! Visit the Pro Plan YouTube Channel for more info!!!!

*I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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