Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Save Money at the Pump

My husband and I recently went through our bank statements to see where the majority of our extra money goes and we weren't surprised to see that most of it is spent at the gas pumps!  We spend so much money on gas so it is always nice to find ways to save. If you have a Shell Gas Station near you, definitely check out the Spin to Save promo they have going on right now! By spinning the wheel, you can save up to $.25 off per gallon and you can add to the savings by making eligible purchases or even for referring others to try out the Spin to Save promo!  I have seen people filling up their gas tanks for literally less than $1.00 which is CRAZY. I figure we can all use the savings at the pump to spend on more important things so sign up here today!  I only got $.05 off a gallon when I used my 3 spins but some of my friends got $.10/off and another even got $.20! Doesn't seem like a lot but those savings sure add up! 

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