Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Fun Month

Did you know that August is Family Fun Month? This is good to hear since the kids will be going back to school soon and we need to have all of the fun we can before we have to bid farewell to Summer! 

What does your family do for fun? Look below for some fun suggestions from our friends at Hormel!

* Hold a family board game night. Ask each family member to bring along their favorite game to challenge the rest of the crew.

*Hold a cooking competition! See which family member can make the best dish using one specific ingredient. Challenge each other and see who can use Hormel® pepperoni minis or Hormel® turkey pepperoni minis in the most creative appetizer or snack in less than ten minutes! Pizzas, salads…the ideas are limitless! Step out of your comfort zone and show your family who is boss in the kitchen.

* For a change of scenery on a rainy day, visit a local museum. Many museums offer free or discounted days for state residents so plan in advance to avoid fees! If you have small children, look for exhibits and museums that are kid-friendly so the entire family will enjoy the outing.

* Go camping! If there isn’t a campsite or park nearby, set-up the camping experience in your own yard. Hormel® Always Tender® products are perfect for a quick meal while camping out as they are pre-marinated for superb tenderness, juiciness and flavor, so there's no prep time and no cleanup required. Try the brown sugar maple loin filet or apple bourbon tenderloin; there are over 40 varieties and flavors that will please every member of the family.

What are you most looking forward to doing before Summer ends???

*I am a member of the Hormel Extended Family Bloggers Group. All opinions are my own*

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