Monday, August 13, 2012

FoFlor Contest

If you read back a couple of days ago, you will see that I shared the FoFlor Rug Design contest. I was super excited to see my kids get so excited over this project!!!!  We will be closing on a new house sometime early Fall and the kids have already been working hard on designing their new bedrooms.  Emma of course has her zebra room, Josh and Aiden want a space themed room and Drew, no surprise, wants a baseball themed room.  I showed the kids how to use this design program on our computer and they each designed several rugs that they would love to have in their new rooms. If you remember from the previous post, the winner will have their rug added to the FoFlor kids line AND they get to receive one of the rugs for themselves and a friend!!!!  We would love it if you would pay a quick visit to the FoFlor page and check out the kids submissions! You will know which one's they are because they will say "Submitted by Sarah L." 

If you visit the FoFlor Facebook Page  please "like" any of our pictures while you are there! You can also leave us a comment on any of them too!! The Crazy House kids will be so excited to see your support!!!! Thanks in advance from Drew, Emma, Josh and Aiden!!!!  


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