Saturday, August 25, 2012

Green Choice Carpet Review

Whether you live alone or share your home with several kids and pets, one thing is for certain. Your carpet will get dirty over time. While carpeting in busier homes with more foot traffic will generally get dirty and stained more quickly, all carpeting will become stained, gather dust, dander and more over time. The fibrous nature of carpeting makes this type of flooring susceptible to stains, ground-in dirt and more. Your vacuum can remove some of the dirt from the carpet, and many experts suggest that carpeting be vacuumed at least on a weekly basis. However, professional carpet cleaning is needed to more fully remove dirt and stains and to create a cleaner home environment. This is a process that utilizes a more powerful suction feature coupled with the injection of water and cleaning agents to remove more dirt from the carpet. There are several different companies that you can call on for carpet cleaning, but Green Choice Carpet, found online at, is the company to call on for chemical free carpet cleaning New York. Many local carpet cleaning companies utilize soaps that contain unhealthy ingredients, and these are ingredients that you do not want your family and pets exposed to. With Green Choice Carpet, you will benefit a natural, safe cleaning process that effectively removes more dirt and stains from your carpet without the use of those unhealthy chemical ingredients. If you have been looking for a great way to restore the look of your carpets and to improve the cleanliness of your home, look no further than Green Choice Carpet.


  1. Our house is almost all carpet and my dogs and cats have ruined the upstairs carpets. I keep trying to clean them but doesn't work out well. This sounds like a great carpet to look into! Thanks for the information. Rita Spratlen

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  3. Good service Dude..Thanks for sharing info


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