Thursday, August 16, 2012

POWOW Messenger for Android

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I know it seems like there are a bazillion texting apps available right now (that's because there are!) but I was really excited to learn about Powow Messenger for Android!!  POWOW Messenger for Android is the only text messenger that lets you include anyone on any mobile phone in your social circles!!!  First of all, it offers group messaging with tru reply-all for everyone in the group!  Second, it gives you a single place for all one-to-one and group messages, thus replacing the need for 2 separate apps to do both things.  My favorite feature is the ZipIT feature where you can blacklist unwanted texters so you don't see notifications or messages. You can also mute notifications so you don't see the notifications but you can still receive the messages.  

As an avid texter, I am loving this app! My 3 sisters and I love to chat together and this is perfect for those times! I love the "Reply to All" feature for sure! From what I have learned about Powow, it truly is an excellent messaging app overall.  You can have instant, home screen access to your texts as well as access to your most recent messages from your favorite contacts.  The pop up notifications are definitely a plus too and they allow you to quickly decide if you want to ignore or reply to each message or you can even quickly call the sender.  This is definitely one of the faster messaging apps I have seen to date which is awesome because most of us don't have time to sit around and sort through messages.  If you are big into messaging, you will want to check this one out for sure. It's available to Android users in US and Canada!


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  1. does this work without wifi/3g/4g network?


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