Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips for Buying a New Cooker

Top Tips For Buying A New Cooker

We all love making changes to our kitchens. As well as being one of the most used rooms in our homes, it is also the most practical. The changes we make in the kitchen – including buying a new cooker – must therefore reflect this.

The cooker that we choose should reflect our habits in the kitchen. The decision that we make is therefore likely to be based on some fairly subjective criteria. Nonetheless, the number of options available to us when we are shopping for a cooker can be overwhelming.

Gas or Electric

Many things have changed in the world of appliances but the debate about whether gas or electric is better remains. Each has its advantage and the decision you ultimately make will depend on your cooking and eating habits.

Those who spend most of their time cooking on the hob are likely to prefer gas. Although electric hobs can look very sleek, they are typically less practical than gas. Gas hobs are more responsive and are therefore more suited to those with an interest in juggling a number of pots and pans at any one time.

Electric ovens, on the flip side, offer the chef far more options than gas ovens do. An electric oven’s heat delivery can be tailored very precisely and this makes it better suited to certain dishes.

Budget and Quality

While your budget is likely to be fixed, what you choose to get from it is up to you. Within most price ranges, you will have the option to trade off quality for a wider array of features. Generally speaking, quality is more important.

Cookers are an investment so you have an interest in ensuring that whichever model you decide on lasts for some time to come. Opting for Bosch cookers is a safe choice. If your budget is limited, it is better to put a trusted brand name ahead of optional features.

Reconsider Size

Most of us, when buying an appliance, will seek to replace our old model with one of a similar size for practicality’s sake. Instead, we should relish the opportunity to opt for a larger or smaller appliance. Ensuring that your cooker is the right size will not only benefit you, but is likely to benefit the environment by allowing you to use only the amount of fuel necessary for your cooking habits.

The size of your cooker will depend on the space in which you wish to put it. It’s good to be careful, however, when moving cookers. Efficiency in the kitchen is key and the placement of appliances can have a large effect on the ease of cooking. It might be worth having a walk around your kitchen to get a feel for how well the new placement might work.

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