Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Backyard Fun For The Kids

The backyard is a great place for kids to play, keep active, and have fun. However, we all know that keeping kids entertained is like writing a novel: it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of creativity.
If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at a few of these for inspiration.

Backyard Olympics

The great thing about kids is that they’re always active: they run around, play, swim, and basically find ways to dart around quicker than the Flash himself. If you’re looking for a way to help them burn off all that excess energy, why not gather up a few neighbourhood kids and set up a backyard Olympics? Get some cones, a whistle, and some spot prizes, and start competing – think 100 metre sprints, relays, or soccer games. What’s more, if you take the position of the referee or judge, you’ll get some exercise along with the kids.


As a kid, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the feeling of jumping higher than trees or the house (okay, this may be a slight exaggeration!). If you have younger children, then start out with a smaller trampoline; for the bigger kids, a full-sized trampoline is a great way to encourage them to have fun and develop their coordination. Trampolines come fairly affordable these days – just make sure to get an enclosure for the trampoline as well to keep your children from falling off!

Build a treehouse or kid’s retreat

If you or your husband is a bit more of a handyperson type, then a perfect way to make use of your backyard is to build a space for your kids to escape to. Remember in The Simpsons when Bart constantly escaped to his treehouse? Your kids can have a similar experience, and they’ll have a space they truly feel is their own – away from the distractions of parents or their siblings!

Kids can garden too!

If you’re really looking for something productive to do in the backyard with your children, then look no further than gardening. Don’t give your kid the shears to trim the hedge or the lawnmower; instead, give them a watering can or a hose and ask them to help water the plants. This way, the weekly chores get done and they enjoy some time outside – besides, it might spark a passion for DIY madness when they’re older!
It doesn’t matter if your backyard is as big as Swan Valley or just a small patch of land you found when you were looking for houses for sale, Yanchep – there are always ways to encourage your kids to play outdoors!

*Simone Lambert is a mum who takes pride in her backyard as a great space to spend time with her kids. Just recently, she began building them a treehouse – let’s see how that goes!*

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  1. What cute ideas! H loves to garden with me. It is great that she can help me! Backyard Olympics- genius!!

  2. Awesome Ideas! My son wants a tree house for christmas. They only thing is we dont have trees in my yard only small palm trees... Gotta think of a better way. :)

  3. Awesome ideas! I can't wait until I have kids ^.^


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