Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scarlet Fever?

When you have children, you can just about bet that you are going to see a lot of illnesses and my family is no exception. As a matter of fact, our kids get every strange and unusual bug that goes around!  Sometimes it's quite frightening too especially when it's not something you commonly see. I have been very cautious about the kids going outside without bug repellent because of all we have been hearing about West Nile Virus. My 10 year old has educated all of us very thoroughly about it, even showing us on the CDC website where there have been cases in our community. I love that boy. He cracks me up! He has been really worried since he got bit by a mosquito last weekend at my parents so I have been reassuring him that he is perfectly fine and he doesn't need to worry about anything and then this happens!!!

On Friday, I had spent the entire day preparing for an out of town soccer tournament we were supposed to be at on Saturday. I watched the 3 older kids get off the bus and instead of running like the other two, Drew was slowly coming up the drive. By the time he made it to the front door, he was crying and telling me that he had West Nile Virus. I reached out to put my arm around him and he was burning up with a fever. He told me he had a headache, his body ached and he was sick to his stomach. I immediately got him some Tylenol and something to drink and made him a little bed on the couch. He rested there for a short time and that is when the horrific vomiting started. He must have thrown up a dozen times within just a few hours. I felt so bad for him!!! He was so pale and weak and every time he drank even the smallest drink of anything, he was vomiting just a few minutes later. This went on until bedtime so I let him sleep with us like we do all of the kids when they are sick. Sometime through the night the vomiting stopped and the fever went down a bit. When we woke up the next morning, I thought he looked better as he slept and that's when I noticed he was covered in a rash. By the time he woke up, the rash was EVERYWHERE! It had started on just his chest and stomach area but now it was on his arms, legs, back and his cheeks were bright red. Because it was a Saturday, our pediatrician wasn't in so my Mom came and picked up the middle two kids to go with her and I took my two year old and Drew to the ER.  The rash was really bad under his arms and on his groin area and his knees were a darker red than the rest of the rash. The tops of his hands and feet were also bright red but his palms and soles were unaffected. This is what the rash looked like on his arms. It was rough, raised little red bumps. He also had a white coated tongue. 

When we got to the ER, they took his stats and then we saw the Dr. He performed some of the tests that rule out more serious illnesses like meningitis and then ordered blood work. While we waited for blood work, they also did a strep test which I thought was odd because he has not had a sore throat at all. We waited and my husband came over to visit us at the ER from work which is just 5 minutes from the hospital that we were at. The blood work came back that his white blood cell count was up but the strep test came back negative. I think the Dr. was stumped.........he did say that there is a large percentage of false positives for strep tests so ultimately they diagnosed him with Scarlet Fever. He does have the symptoms of it but he also has the symptoms of a bazillion other different illnesses including West Nile Virus!!!  They took another blood culture that we won't have the results back for until probably Tuesday and then gave him a big shot in the butt.  Poor kid ended up being poked 3 times while we were there. Boo! It is so awful when your kids are hurting and you can't do anything to help them! Of course Drew was more upset about having to miss soccer and kept asking me to text his coaches and ask how they were doing. lol Poor kid. 

I am happy to say that he woke up feeling much better today. He had his color back and the rash was not nearly as bad. He has taken a couple doses of the Augmentin that they prescribed for him and it seems to be helping. It was nice seeing him back to his old self today. He even wanted to eat which was a huge plus because he is down  3-4 pounds just since Friday. 

I swear it seems like it's always something!!!!  Do you ever feel that way as a parent?


  1. We honestly stopped getting sick once we stopped vaccinating. My 2 yr old has NEVER once been sick, and thats with him being a preemie and more prone to illness, and with 3 older siblings in school.


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