Friday, October 12, 2012

HP Falling into Fun Printing Party #HPFallFun

It's Teacher In-Service Day here where we live so there is no school today! We celebrated by having an "HP Falling Into Fun Party" with the HP Deskjet 3052A Wireless e-All-In-One Printer!  I have to say....if you are a parent of children who are in school, this is a MUST HAVE! I  had no idea that you could print from virtually any device including your desktop, laptop, tablet and even your smart phone!!  The kids had a blast printing from their different devices and the parents were all really impressed by how much you can do with this printer. My favorite part is the XL Ink Cartridges. We have three children in school so our printer is constantly at work and I love these XL cartridges because now we don't have to replace them as often. There is nothing worse then having the "low ink" notification pop up when you are in the middle of a big print job and the XL cartridges drastically reduce this issue. Now when we are running low, I can just grab more on one of my weekly trips to our local Wal-mart and that is another big plus. Our old printer had ink that had to be ordered online and that was a huge pain, especially when we were in a pinch. It's nice to know that if we run low we can drive less than 5 minutes to get replacements. My other favorite part is that this printer is so affordable. You can't get a better deal for your money with this printer! Printers and ink can be expensive and I love that HP created this printer with families in mind!!

During the party the kids all had a chance to print from their various devices. They printed from a tablet, an iPhone and two laptop computers and of course both the kids and parents were amazed that they could do this. We did not show our own children all of the capabilities of this printer prior to the party so they were really excited, especially after the party ended. They all went to their own rooms so they could show me that they could print from anywhere in the house and that cracked me up!  

After we finished playing with the printer, we had a little more fall fun! The younger kids painted pumpkins and had a ball! 

To top it all off, all of the attendees received a $10 Wal-mart Gift Card!!! 

Thanks HP and Mom Select for providing us with everything we needed to have our party and for allowing us to share this awesome printer with our friends!!!


  1. We've also got an HP all in one wireless printer. So far, we are happy with the purchase.

  2. We've also got an HP all in one wireless printer. So far, we are happy with the purchase.


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