Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laundry Basket Dresser

So while browsing the net today, I stumbled upon and I have to ask.......why didn't I find her sooner?! She has some really amazing ideas and I am so excited to start trying some of them now that we are going to be moving into our new house soon! One of our biggest nightmares is laundry and I absolutely LOVE her idea for the Laundry Basket Dresser. I am SO making my husband build us one or two or three of these! HA! Seriously though, it would really help me stay more organized in the laundry room. Genius! I am thinking some old bookshelves would be perfect for this idea!  She also has ideas for every other project under the sun which is why I spent way too much time there this morning when I should have been doing one of many other things on my  "To Do" list! LOL 

Isn't this cool?


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