Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mSpy Smartphone Monitoring Software

I am not usually an advocate of spying on children but as my kids get older, I have found that they don't always tell us everything and sometimes, in order to protect them, we NEED to know things that are going on. Our two older children will soon be entering their teen years and from the stories I have been seeing on the news, I am terrified of the the things that kids can get themselves into these days and I want to be able to keep up with what they are doing, who they are talking to, etc. etc. and one way that we can do that is through  Mobile Spy Software. 

mSpy uses the latest in spy technology to give users the peace of mind they are looking for.  It gathers a variety of data from a mobile phone of your choice including text messages, call history, emails and even GPS location using the same technology used by law enforcement and government officials.  All you have to do is install the mSpy spyware for cell phones on any supported smartphone. Most mobile devices running Symbian, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry  operating systems are compatible with the app which runs invisibly in the background with no interference or performance drain. Once installed, you just configure the settings and then you can access the data through an easy to use control panel.  

Maybe you have a teenager who you think is sneaking around behind your back......this is the perfect app to keep up with them and make sure they aren't getting themselves into trouble.  I don't think we can be too safe anymore when it comes to our children, do you? 

For more info, check out mSpy.com


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  2. I agree that parents should keep an eye on their kids and what they do. I can tell that I am a strict mother, but I do want my child trust me. I will lose his trust if I will spy him. Do you agree? I think it is not right. Once I noticed that he has addiction to spending much time on his mobile, I've decided to install Kidslox(www.kidslox.com). This app meets our family needs. I set daily limits, created Schedules when his phone is locked (bedtime, school, homework) and also I know that all the inappropriate sites will be blocked.I can recommend it to all my friends.


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