Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My1story Jack and the Magic Beans Plus Giveaway

Our children have always loved to read but I have often thought that some of the children's stories and books that are on the market are not very child friendly. With fire breathing dragons, big bad wolves and poisoned apples, there's a good chance your toddler is going to have nightmares after story time and that is if they ever manage to go to sleep!  Our two year old absolutely loves for us to read him stories so I am always on the lookout for high-quality, child-friendly stories to read to him. I love some of the old classics but let's face it. Some of them are just downright scary! This is why I am so excited about!  The first two books from My1story include I Love Cake and Jack and the Magic Beans and they both come with adorable plush characters making a perfect gift for this holiday season!!!  Available exclusively on, these hardback books are affordable and are a gift that any young child is sure to love!

We received the Jack and the Magic Beans book and plush and we were very impressed when they arrived. First of all, the colors of both the plush and in the book are bright and warm.  The pictures are beautifully illustrated and the story line has been slightly changed to make it a little less scary.  A great lesson is to be learned when Jack learns the hard way about the consequences of taking something that doesn't belong to him but instead of a big scary giant, we are introduced to Beanie, a smaller, less frightening giant!

You will definitely want to check out My1story! I love the contemporary twists to the stories and the plush characters are downright adorable!


One lucky reader is going to win their choice of I Love Cake or Jack and the Magic Beans!

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