Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Deck Your Halls with Children's Christmas Costumes

It is time, once again, to get the kids dressed up for festive Christmas events, from special holiday dinners to caroling and holiday parties. Children love to dress up in Christmas Costumes, and friends and family delight at capturing it all on video and with photos. Whatever climate you live in, there are great holiday costumes for kids of all ages.

Costumes are the high point of any family get-together, however, holiday accessories abound and can transform a regular dress outfit into a cute Christmas elf, snowman, reindeer or other seasonal character. Even grownups have fun donning Christmas accessories like reindeer horns and bright red noses in the unmistakeable style of Rudolf.

Holiday Costume Ideas For Girls

Little girls make the most adorable angels and this is a very easy outfit to create with angel accessories. First, choose an all-white dress, white tights or stockings, and white or silver shoes. Next, add either bought or handcrafted angel wings and a halo. Additional props to add are harps, magic wands, glitter body spray and holiday makeup.

Christmas tree outfits and star costumes are also perfect to fit the gaiety of holiday events. An all-green dress makes a backdrop for colored pom-pom balls, which creates a fun and easy Christmas tree. Add a silver star attached to a headband and everyone will marvel at your grand idea. Any combination of red and green works well for the socks and shoes, or for a very small child try tights and slippers. Babies look adorable in one-piece sleepers with a picture on the front of any holiday design, along with a warm cap in any holiday color.

Holiday Costume Ideas For Boys

For boys, the best costumes are snowmen, elves, Santa Clause and reindeer. These are much-loved Christmas characters that all children happily relate to, and these costumes require a minimal amount of props. Again, you will find that stores carry an array of these costumes, but all of them are simple to create at home as well. Even non-sewers find it easy to make costumes by selecting the main garments in the appropriate color and then adding Christmas accessories.

One-piece outfits in all white are easy-to-make snowmen; just add three black pom-poms for the buttons, along with an old hat. White cotton gloves and a child's toy bubble pipe round out this winter costume. Other touches include white cheeks using white face-paints, and black shoes.

Who would not want to be dressed as a Christmas star as they soak up all the holiday merriment? One idea for a very simple star costume is to wear all silver, gold or white clothing and add a star head accessory. Show your child that by standing with legs apart and arms straight out to their side they create the perfect star shape. Children's star jewelry is a perfect addition to this ensemble, as well as star face paints. 

Children love to have face paint decorations drawn on their faces, and any parent will find the painting easy if they stick to simple designs such as star shapes. Additionally, remembering to keep holiday costumes simple, comfortable and non-restrictive provides fun that children will want to repeat next year.

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