Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iD Gum Equals Yum!

id gum, kinda
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Gum is a staple in our house and we are always on the lookout for new kinds to try.  Most of the time I will just grab whatever is the cheapest in the checkout line but every once in awhile I will try something different just for fun. When a package full of iD Gum arrived on our porch-step, I was pretty excited because it's one of our favorites! It costs just around $1 so it's almost always the first one I grab when I am buying gum but I had only tried the BerryMelon so I was really excited to get to try out the Peppermint and the Spearmint too!

Not only is this gum super yummy but I love how fresh it makes your breath. In addition, it comes in a super cool, sleek folding package that has a magnetic closure. How cool is that? This makes it  perfect to stick in your purse, backpack or even your pocket.  iD Gum also recently launched its ArtCade featuring 18 cool games on their Facebook page and via an Android App! (Coming soon)

:60 iD Intro Video
Content and/or other value provided by our partner, iD GUM.

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*This blog post was written for my participation in the iD Gum Insider program through Social Chorus. Products to review were provided at no cost. All opinions are my own*

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