Monday, November 19, 2012

Living Room Decor

If you have been following our Home Makeover event, you will know that we closed on our new home not long ago and we are working like crazy to get it together so we can move in. Now that we are creeping up on a month, I am so ready to just finish up so we can actually live in this home we have been slaving over for weeks now. The final coat of polyurethane went on the hard wood floors yesterday so we are thinking by next weekend we can start moving stuff into the rooms and start getting things settled. I had no idea we had to wait so long to put rugs down and stuff after they are done so that is kind of a bummer right now. They told us we need to wait at least 2 weeks and I am just dying to put down my new area rugs. They also advised that we should purchase some cushion cups to put under the furniture to avoid scratching the new floors which is something we hadn't even thought about! My husband and I spent about 6 hours on Saturday moving all of our stuff from storage to the house so at least I can start unpacking boxes and stuff while we wait for the final touches to be done. We are so excited because we have poured so much work (and money!) into our new home so it can be exactly how we want it but I am not going to this point I am just ready to quit and move in! 

One of the dilemmas that I have been having is with our living room. I am used to a nice, big square living room and our new living room is rectangular. We have had a living room like this in the past but it was in a home that didn't have a dining room so we split the room in 2 and used it for both. This will definitely not work in the new house though because the living room is in an entirely different part of the house and we already have a dining room. The previous owner had a corner desk in the room which I really loved but we are going to use the den as our office area so I really don't want to put a desk in the living room.  Although I am not exactly sure what we are going to do yet, one of the options is changing our furniture. We have been looking at a variety of corner sofas and  I am thinking we might go this route. We could make a separate seating area around the fireplace which is on the other end of the room so it will still kind of be divided into 2 different areas but I think it will still appear cozy and not crowded. 

What about you? Do you have a long living room? What do you suggest?


  1. I have the same problem. My living room is long and rectangular and what I've done is group the sitting area on one end (it still doesn't feel right) and I have a nice table on the other end for the desktop computer, printer, etc. It's ever felt right and I've also considered getting a nice corner set. What does help for me is that I have a beautiful eight foot rug that tends to tie the seating area together.

  2. I was guessing if You Could write a little more on this subject ? I’d be very grateful if You Could elaborate a little bit more.

  3. I was guessing if You Could write a little more on this subject ? I’d be very grateful if You Could elaborate a little bit more.


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