Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magna Color 3D

My kids absolutely love art so I am always on the lookout for products to help them be creative. If your children like these types of products as well, this year you might want to consider the Magna Color 3D! The Magna Color 3D comes with Magic Dot Pens to create awesome art and when you are all done with your creation, you can put on the 3D UltraVision Glasses and you will instantly see the images pop off the screen. Then, you use the screen swiper to clear off the four different colored dots, give it a gentle shake and the colors sort back into their correct pens! This is probably one of the coolest products I have seen this year and at only $24.99, you can't go wrong!!!!

Dr. Toy has named this one of the Top 10 Creative Toys for 2012 and this does not come as a surprise to me. The innovative design and features are awesome!!!  "Tech 4 Kids has gone back to the drawing board to reinvent the board itself," wrote Dr. Toy in her review. "Each creativity station gives kids an innovative designing world to generate 3-D artwork, allowing them a new way to let their creativity run wild. The unique magic dot pens allow children to place the 3-D dots to color in the stencil design by either creating a single spot or make trails of multiple dots by running the pen across the screen. When finished, they sweep the dots into the sorter compartment and watch as the dots magically return back into the pens with absolutely no mess."
My kids thought this was so cool. They actually fight to see who gets to clean up the dots! The picture below shows how you push the dots into the top of the Magna Color.
Then you just give it a little shake and you can see them sorting themselves in the back!

Check out this cool video to see the Magna Color in action!!!

A small quantity of product shipped this past summer included malfunctioning pens.  As a company dedicated to high quality product, Tech 4 Kids, the manufacturers of Magna Color, would like anyone with malfunctioning pens to contact them at the following email: toys@tech4kids for a set of free replacement pens and dots!
Recommended for children aged 4+, you can find your own Magna Color at Toys R Us, Walmart, Kohl's, BJ's Wholesale Club, Walgreens and many more retailers across the country!!! This would be a fabulous present for any child to find under the Christmas Tree this year.

*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Review product was sent at no charge by the company and/or representing PR firm*


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