Thursday, December 13, 2012

SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Floor Mats

When we bought our new house I was absolutely ecstatic to find that half of the house had hardwood floors but since our two youngest sons still do a great deal of playing down on the floor, I wanted something that would help protect the floors, look great, and give the kids a more comfortable play space. Area rugs are great but they slide around a lot and we couldn't really find one that we liked to go with their room. That's when we found SoftTiles.  SoftTiles are interlocking foam floor mats that give the floor a nice, soft cushion.

First of all, I loved the process of actually ordering the SoftTiles.  I was able to work with a designer to pick out colors and a design to fit well with our son's decor.  She sent me multiple options to choose from until we found one that we loved. It only took a day for our SoftTiles to arrive as they are in Cincinnati, Ohio which is just a few hours away from me and when they arrived, we couldn't wait to get them together. Our floors weren't quite ready yet so we put the tiles together in another room that was carpeted.  To say that our kids loved the playmat would be an understatement. They thought this was the coolest thing ever!!!

After our hardwood floors were finished and we gave them time to cure, we were ready to put the SoftTiles down on the hardwood floors. These were the floors before we put the SoftTiles down. We must have played with them a dozen times before we found a pattern and design that the boys liked but we finally found something that we all loved!



We ended up making a little different pattern than a square but the boys loved it so I went with it.  I can't tell you how many compliments we have received on the SoftTiles. Nearly everyone that has seen our new house has went on and on how awesome they are and we are even talking about getting a set to put down in our basement. We plan to eventually finish it after we get some of the plumbing issues fixed but we figure that's a couple of years down the road so this would be perfect to use in the meantime. We would love to make the kids playroom down there and I can't think of anything better to use!!  

SoftTiles offers so many design and color choices that you really can customize your mats however you want them. How cool are these???

These don't have to just be for kids either! You can customize any space with SoftTiles. 

If you are on the lookout for a super cool product to help make a room extra special, definitely check out SoftTiles.  You can see all of their awesome products on their website or visit them on Facebook!  You can also see lots of cool room ideas on their Pinterest page! 


SoftTiles has offered to give one lucky reader a $75 Gift Certificate to their store!!!

*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Review and Giveaway were provided at no cost by the company and/or representing PR firm*


  1. I love soft tiles. would love to have a mat for my 7.5 mo old to make our house safer :)

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  3. My friend has softtiles in her living room and LOVES them! We definitely want some for our 3 year old's room. We also love that they're "green".

  4. These would look great in our play room located in the garage. I hope i win! I want them :)

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  6. This is only good for home but the best to have a mats is the car. Than home can have a carpet instead or this but cars must have a good carpet.

  7. I like the Home Floor Mats designs. Softtiles really makeover your home or play room.. Like this

  8. My friend has softtiles in her playroom & can't belive that softiles felicitate her 3 seater sofa bed.

  9. Those foam floor mats are not bad, but it is difficult to reuse them and they do get really dirty.

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