Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Traveling with Babies and Toddlers? Joovy Has You Covered!

We are going to be going out of town next weekend for Christmas with the in-law's followed by a vacation the last week of December over 1,000 miles away from home so we have been racking our brains trying to think of everything we need to take along. Thankfully our friends at Joovy have everything any parent could possibly need for a great trip! Below are a few of our favorites!!! 

The Joovy Loo is the perfect potty chair to take along for the trip! It's lightweight (2.3 lbs) and won't take up a ton of room.  When a 2 year old has to go, you usually don't have time to find the perfect place to stop so grab a Loo that you can take along everywhere you go! 

The Joovy Hook is another must have Joovy product! When you are on vacation, you eat out a lot and the Hook would be the perfect companion!  I hate using restaurants high chairs because they are not very clean so the Hook is the perfect alternative. 

When we visit the in-law's, we all stay in one room and while that was cool when the kids were smaller, now that they are getting bigger, we have run out of room. The Joovy Foocot is just what we need!  Our two youngest boys would love having these along to sleep on. They hold up to 75 pounds and fold extra small for travel which is an extra plus since we will be bringing home Christmas gifts from Grandma and Grandpa! 
If you have a younger baby/toddler, the all new MoonRoom is just what you need! You can use this from birth up to a child who is 35" tall. With over 10 square feet of space in the inside, you can rest easy knowing your baby is happy in this awesome playard! (Watch for a more detailed review on this one coming soon!) 

Finally, if you are like us, when we are on vacation we are usually go, go, go and for that reason, I think the Joovy Groove is exactly what we need.  This is one of the best umbrella strollers on the market and I am in love with the colors!  It features a large basket to keep necessities and souvenirs and 2 cup holders and a zippered storage pocket for things that need extra safekeeping. Plus there are mesh pockets in the child's seat for them to keep their own things. Yes, please Santa. I will take one of these too!

So there you have it! Joovy has you covered all the way around so if you still need things to put on your own Christmas list, Joovy has everything any Mama needs!!!!


  1. Oh I can see me buying the cot for when all my grand kids and parents are here. I love their products....and that potty chair....very cool!

  2. I love Joovy and recommend all their products 10 fold!!!

  3. We LOVE Joovy!! The Hook is a LIFESAVER!!

  4. Those cots are super cute and handy. I always carried a pack n play for sleeping when we traveled, and you can put a disposable bag in the potty so all you have to do is tie up and toss!

  5. OMG those cots are adorable, we sooo need those for grandmas house and sleep overs! We have the Joovy Big Caboose and love it!

  6. We love their products, and love that they do a weekly giveaway on their blog. I think the cots would come in so handy!


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