Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Luxury Items to Look For in Your Next Car

With the new high tech features present in cars, it won’t be long before cars are driving without human assistance. This seems futuristic, but engineers are making great strides in improving the comfort and convenience of cars. Consider how these five luxury items can improve your driving experience and influence your car purchase decision.

1. Attention Assist

On long trips, drivers may have a tendency to drift off or become distracted. The Attention Assist is designed to notice behavior that would be indicative of falling asleep or distracted driving. When this behavior is detected, Attention Assist will send out a series of audio and visual signals to re-direct attention back to the road. This is a unique safety feature that all long distance drivers need.

2. Personal Car Communicator with Heartbeat Sensors

Some executives have a legitimate reason to have a detection device in their cars to prevent kidnapping or assault when parked in parking lots and garages. The Volvo S80 has a device installed that can detect whether a person is hiding in the vehicle. The information is transmitted to the Volvo Personal Car Communicator. The device will warn car owners before entering the car.

3. Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection

Driving at night is difficult for people who have difficulty seeing at night. People living on rural roads have a much more difficult time navigating the roads because of the absence of street lights. Wild animals cannot be seen in the dark, but the Pedestrian Detection technology can help people detect people and animals. An alert will display in the dash and on the display above.

4. Advanced Parking Guidance System

If you have ever had a problem with parallel parking, you need an Advanced Parking Guidance System. This system provides almost fully automated parking. This technology works by pulling up ahead of the spot they have chosen. The driver will use the system’s crosshairs to line up the space available. The driver only has to regulate the speed of the parking by using brakes.

5. GPS-Linked Temperature Control

There is nothing more frustrating than constantly adjusting the temperature on a long trip. The climate control system in the Acura works in conjunction with the satellite orbiting system. It cools the sunnier sides of the vehicle to ensure the temperature is balanced inside the vehicle. This system is one of the most advanced and futuristic luxury items to consider for your next car.

Consider These Five Luxury Items For Your Next Vehicle

Luxury items make your lives more convenient. These features also relieve fatigue and eliminate frustration associated with driving. Though these features seem like a luxury, many people would benefit from having these luxury items included in their vehicles. Soon luxury will be considered necessity, but for now, many people can only dream of owning a car with these incredibly useful features.

About the author:

Will is an Automotive Writer from Sydney, Australia. He says that these five luxury options will be available on cheaper car models over the coming years, and he recommends checking out the range of new Suzuki cars that are packed with added features.


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