Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Showers for Couples

Boring, traditional baby showers are a thing of the past and more and more families are opting for baby showers for couples. I think this is a great idea as I have often wondered if Dads might feel a little left out considering they do play a huge part in the creation of a child!  


Bottle Drinkers: Line the Dads up and give them all a bottle filled with any type of beverage. See which dad-to-be can guzzle it down the fastest. I stumbled across a site a couple of weeks ago that had a six pack of beer container decorated and they filled it with baby bottles filled with beer. I thought it was super cute and funny! You can fill them with whatever you want though. These would be cute sitting on the tables until game time! 

Diaper Relay-See which guests can diaper a baby the quickest. You can also use bags of flour if you don't have a doll. To make it really fun, use cloth diapers instead of disposable! 

Guess the Baby Food: Pass jars of baby food down the line of blind-folded contestants and see who knows their stuff! 

Baby Poop Game: Melt different kinds of candy bars onto the insides of disposable diapers and have guests pass them around and smell them to try and guess what kind of candy bar it is. 

Diaper Raffle: Tell guests to bring a pack of diapers to the shower to be entered for a chance to win a super cool prize! I recently went to a shower that did this. On the invite, you can use a little poem, "A bag of diapers for lil' ol me, would really help mommy to be. So please bring a bag of any size, did I mention it could win you a really great prize???" 

Decor, Food, Etc. 

*Decorate in a gender neutral theme or don't do a theme at all. Some ideas would be sports, tiki, etc. For a sports themed, you can make snack filled centerpieces for the tables like the one included here. This was at a friend of mine's Boston Red Sox themed baby shower! It's even cuter since they named their new son Boston. 

*Finger sandwiches aren't going to cut it for a co-ed shower. Consider a barbecue or maybe a fun Mexican fiesta complete with a taco bar! And make sure you have PLENTY of food to feed these hungry guys! 

*Send everyone home with a little favor box thanking them for coming. Little treat boxes with personalized candy bars, cookies, etc. are a great choice. You can also purchase personalized ribbon for favors to add a special touch!

* Finally, to help you along, you might consider getting a male co-host to help you with planning. It would probably be beneficial to have a guy's input on the games, decor, food, etc. 


  1. What cute ideas! I really like how they did the beer box!

  2. Great ideas! I love the bottle chugging and dirty diaper ideas!

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