Friday, January 11, 2013

guardNOW with Tips on How to Choose The Right Security Company

Tips on how to make sure you’re choosing the right security guard company:

- Website security, make sure the website does not look "fishy"

- Direct Number-always call to make sure you can talk to a live body

- Secure Lock Sign when typing in your information; do not type your information for payment if the website is not secured

- A thorough and trust worthy biography posted on the page....don't you want to know who you're booking?

If any of these look like it may be untrustworthy always call the number provided to reassure you. Better to be safe than sorry!

Living in any area you will wonder about the safety of your family, putting up cameras or an alarm system in your home can scare burglars away, but what if they have already entered your home? A noisy beep still gives them allotted time to get what they need and get out! Scary to think about but when it comes to the safety of your family, all these things matter the most. guardNOWsecurity guard services cater to all needs that fits a family’s home, whether it be a guard to check on your home while your away, help with events at your home to secure off limit areas or help move out a roommate or spouse.

guardNOW's specializes in services other companies don't have the knowledge to accommodate for. Choosing a security guard company can be difficult when you’re not familiar with them all, and while their approach is great when you receive your guard at an event and are disappointed what are you to do?! Doing research on a simple task as a security guard company can be such a hassle and time consuming. guardNOW is striving to assure proficient work no matter what city you’re in.

While also assuring great services at business and residential settings, guardNOW provides a complete special events branch to our company. With that addition to us we specialize in weddings, quinceanera's, bar mitzvahs and parties in general. Next event you happen to throw keep guardNOW and the safety of your event in mind!

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  1. With all of the crazy stuff going on in our area lately it definitely wouldn't hurt to have some added security!


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